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800-251-5850 Could barely speak English or, apparently, read. Said it was a political survey about NC politics. Questions were phrased in biased way.
877-741-4113 unknown. I declined the call.
800-200 sgfsdgsdgfs
888-964-2593 I don't have a name. I got the company's name and number off my bank statement Amount$4.95. I didn't authorize it. didn't know that the money was being taken.
800-827-3722 Said collection department of bb&t
661-316-0268 didnt say anything and phone disconnected. i blocked them from my iphone.
888-418-2894 We received a yellow postcard in the mail
866-633-7945 dan leo
888-528-0801 Said he was from some electric company wanting me to switch my servece.
845-652-7012 These people can not take no for an answer. Tomorrow they will use a different number
888-283-5495 I got my internet service interrupted. The message says that my email account has been suspended "because of suspicious activity." But this number is not Microsoft. And it isn't just email. My whole internet is locked down, and this keeps coming up. This is some kind of hacker scam.
800-947-0751 Healthy Man
804-368-3719 Sept 2014 thru today (12/3/2014) -- calls every day around 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM -- seems to be a robot dialer -- when I picked up, after a few seconds a man's voice came on and asked to speak with the Dad or Mom of my daughter (used her name)
888-568-9679 6 calls in 4 days (twice already today (Sunday)
888-514-1650 They wanted to go into my computor. i DID NOT LET THEM. wHO ARE THEY?
888-514-1650 He said his name is Alfred. He was Asian. The name that came up on caller ID was Mary A. Reynolds, with the number 203-748-2503.
800-735-6588 works for the casino in ac
800-922-9993 I didn't answer. The voice mail just said, "Have a Nice Day." A woman's voice. ID showed unknown.
888-514-1650 10/18/14 A man with an Indian accent called and told me that he was a Microsoft tech and that my computer was infected with viruses beyond McAfee's limited protection. He said the computer had been hacked and would shut down. He had me go to mconfig and look at services which had stopped. He exclaimed that the computer was at high risk and asked me to go to iexplore etc and asked me to run a program. McAfee blocked two programs that he asked me to run. I told him I was uncomfortable and asked for his number. He gave me 1-888- 514-1650 as the Microsoft tech number. The other evening when I checked the list of those connected, one connection read, "All your base (sic) are ours." It was unnerving and I began having trouble with my Netflix download so I was susceptible to his proposal that the computer was hacked. He had called one other time, but I ignored him since my computer was working fine. He said that "they" could get all my e-mails and data and I would have only a black
888-514-1650 Received a call just now 5:05pm from 508-257-4621 very calmly said me computer was going to crash if they did not fix it right now. The number they gave me to call back was 1-888-514-1650
877-587-5727 No answer,no message, calls early and late.
877-544-8184 didn't answer call 2 to 3 times a day
877-342-3271 Global Credit
877-218-8370 They call repeatedly, 4-6 calls a day. Very aggressive. They say they represent the Children's Cancer Fund of America and want money for items that medical insurance doesn't cover. They want us to donate a hefty amount via our credit card or bank account. I told them we don't give out this info over the phone and that they are asking for too much money (we get several of these charities calling for same reason). They sound angry and just say to have a good day!
888-399-3688 I did not answer it as it was unavailable. am on te do not call list.
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