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323-389 text me that government assistance for food is about to run out because I have not looked for employment. This HAS to be a bogus text
216-400 1347
323-426-5962 YEs do not do business with 323 426 4893 scam from Pittsburg PA saying they will ship same time. THEY NEVER SEND MONEY
410-808-4449 keep knocking at my door at 6am to serve me papers from court. no md court appoints anyone to serve papers that early to anyone. if you who this man is please help me beacuse i amafraid to open my door
623-299-4251 I just signed up For publishers clearing house..I bet this is the first of many to come
866-823-7859 They called me from 5667077582 but all these numbers are connected in that they all leave same message. I talked to them Friday they said papers were being served on me Monday if I did not set up payments. So I set up payments then googled the number and found out it was a scam so I called and had debit card closed.
206-397-1299 SEO, that's funny! If you need to spam call then you probably aren't good enough at SEO to get online visitors.
206-397-1299 Calls my house relentlessly - recording says its an SEO company and will put my business on the first page of a google search. Said press 9 to be taken off their list - but that sent me a more aggressive ad. I am on NJ & Fed do not call lists - Guess they do not follow the Law. Can't report them now because of G'vmnt Shut Down - Ill just block them - report them later. I hope they get fined some serious money.
509-795-1051 Name on Caller ID is: V00916164600171. The number is 1-509-795-1051
800-396 I am new to developing internet sites and I was wondering if having your site title related to your content really that important? I notice your title, does appear to be spot on with what your blog is about but, I prefer to keep my title less content descriptive and based more around site branding. Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea? Any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated.
603-245-1054 FAX spammer
408-449-0662 left empty voicemail
770-678-4872 Spoke in Spanish. Made promises of some reward for paying my phone bills promptly. I've received calls like this twice before, but I believe it was from a different phone number.
877-400-7559 trying to collect money without our information. would not give a company name wanted us to verify our information for them
949-266 949-266-0120 Calls and hangs up. Does not allow call back.
706-395-0898 Called my cell phone several times. I did not give my number out to whoever is calling.
813-200-6555 08/15: Received two calls back to back with voice recording talking about home break ins & security. When I tried to call back, it's an unallocated number.
877-525-2274 Abrupt
910-215-9827 215- 9827 Dan Shinnefield
585-326-0096 Not sure if 585-326-0958 is a Telemarketing #, I already had a check Bounce from them, please let me know:
866-656-5611 a rude sob
803-740-3308 I call the number back and a man said that he couldn't talk to me because I was not the person they asked for ( my husband) he gave me a different number for my husband to call 18774950400 He said that my husband can talk to any one there
614-300-1175 pretends to be generator company,really a washed up electric company glenn electric. aka kevin glenn
800-327-4115 advantage
202-687 They call all the time I don't answer!!Unknown Caller tell them to stop!
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