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888-207-1231 man identified he was calling on behalf of Catholic Charities and wanted a donation with a credit card. I told him no thanks. He called Nov 23 2013 9:20 am.
773-441-8641 Iza Kaplan calls herself a physician but she is not. She is a scam artist who tells people she is a physician. SHe says she has a license to practice as an ordained minister and that is a scam too. Don't do business with her or you will get scammed.
800-735-6588 800-232221
619-354-2677 received text today. with link.. text says "I will text you tomorrow" dont know anybody with that number.. & only 6 people have my new cell number.. I never used it on any websites.. dont know how they got my number
503-403-2691 Got a call from this number also. I missed the call (thankfully) and do not have my vm activated to receive worthless messages. Why do they keep calling? If it is Wells Fargo, I know it is not for me, don't bank with them. Signing up with the DNC (Nat. Do Not Call) does not work. They ignore it and pester you anyway. There is nothing one can do about these troublemakers. No one will do a thing if it don't happen to them personally if they have the ability to do so. So why bother with the DNC?
866-226-1084 Received same call this is a scam looking for credit cards numbers
888-943-3237 Shane Hayward, Safety Services 888-943-3237
888-514-1650 "Cadick", from 1-888-514-1650, x11089
813-305-7535 they said they were from the vehicle processing department
877-630-6369 not sure who it is that is -calling me. not going to answer a phone on a number I do not recognize. didn't leave any kind of a message so... until they do then let them call hope they get the message. and from what others are telling about a suit don't know what that is all about. I pay my bills every month
405-536-2574 "Community" on caller ID. Western Communications, Inc. (dba as Logix Communications) is a landline service carrier. When called a message plays, "The number you have dialed has been temporarily disabled" (a Logix recording).
877-400-7559 called and left me a mesage to call back
888-422-1913 WRC group
888-277-9542 I received a phone call to call a Shawn Parker from a Mediation firm. They had my brothers name not mine. I see that someone else posted the same name and situation so im assuming its a scam.
877-218-8370 asked for me by my first name
888-514-1650 10/26 Received a call from "Dan", with a heavy Indian accent, stating he was from tech services related to Windows, and they had received a report from me about an operating error. I have not made such a report, a fact which he argued with, which was rather astounding. Then he asked me to look at my keyboard and identify the key located next to CTRL...the four flag key, which I did not describe... as if him knowing that key would prove that he was legit. WHen I questioned his legitimacy further, he gave me our street address, phone number and names as proof. He argued with me when I suggested this was public information. I finally got him to give me a number to call, and he claimed the number was more proof because only a legitimate company could get a toll-free number. Again not true. Then he gave me a story about being Indian, but living in NYC trying to support his family. Nice try. His name: Dan Heart. With that accent?
619-354-2677 Sent text with link
888-785-3660 Michael Emoreth Arnold is a scammer and a criminal. FALCON INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES AKA RIVERA MEDICAL COMPANY AKA AMPEX MEDICAL COMPANY AKA ALLIED MEDICAL COMPANY AKA ADVANCED MEDICAL COMPANY AKA SUPERIOR MEDICAL COMPANY AKA ALPHA MEDICAL COMPANY AKA CORBIN SUPPLY ARE ALL SCAM COMPANIES RAN BY MICHAEL EMORETH ARNOLD AND MICHAEL ALAN DIRKSEN 888-857-3945, 888-785-3660, 818-884-6588, 888-829-8826,877.591.3777, 888.841.3313, 712.853.5295, 714.568-0111, 888.428.8567, 877.428.8567, 888.238.9290, 888.844.9290, 713.334.2166, 281.238.9290, 713.334.2685, 888.999.8826, 713-774-4800, 713-448-4801, 713-448-4809, 866-960-9066, 866-960-9033, 877.490.4716, 713-952-9066...previous phone numbers scammers have used or still using to scam. All these phone numbers are or were registered under several business names, (same scammers) and a few of those business names were based in either Houston Texas, and several cities in California (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Chatswo
888-883-4519 no message was left when i dialed number back it says that this call is being recorded.
888-334-6270 Bill Me Later
888-334-6270 said they were a business called Bill Me Later
323-389 text me that government assistance for food is about to run out because I have not looked for employment. This HAS to be a bogus text
216-400 1347
323-426-5962 YEs do not do business with 323 426 4893 scam from Pittsburg PA saying they will ship same time. THEY NEVER SEND MONEY
410-808-4449 keep knocking at my door at 6am to serve me papers from court. no md court appoints anyone to serve papers that early to anyone. if you who this man is please help me beacuse i amafraid to open my door
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